Outdoor Column Light Fixtures: Safety and Design Your Patio

There’s only one chance to make first impression, it stands for the looks of your garden as much as for your own appearance. One simple way to make it better if you have guests […]

Cottage Style Outdoor Lighting: Decorating Ideas & Tips

What is Cottage Style? Well, it’s pretty hard to define, because, strictly saying, cottage is just a house, so if you want to have a go, just think that you’re trying to get an […]

Directional Outdoor Lighting: Design Solutions and Technical Features

Defining directional lighting is rather simple – in this category fall those fixtures whose light travels in certain direction. So, instead of providing wide angle overall illumination, it lets to highlight a specific feature […]

Outdoor Disco Lights: Amazing Ideas for Decorating and Pictures

Outdoor disco lights should be bright and vibrant. Properly selected lights create a special atmosphere of the party. In order to equip the place with a bright and creative light, you need to look […]

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