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A bathroom. Yes, that place in your house that you visit quite often. Probably as often as your own room. And what does one consist of as usual? The toilet, bathtub, water tap and… A mirror. The face of the whole room.

This is on of the most important and most notable thing about a bathroom. Mirror is located on one’s point of sight, right in front of their face. When you want to look at yourself, guess what you are actually looking at, when, for example, getting yourself a makeup? Yes, the mirror. And those are the answers to «why should you even bother decorating your mirror». Let’s see how you might want to do that.


Mirror Decoration

There are many ways of decorating the mirror. Ranging from actually buying a different one that will fit the design, to DIY decorations over the object. But one thing always stays the same.

Obviously, the mirror should be very brightly lit, compared to everything else in the room. Be it the sunlight lighting it up, or maybe artificial lamps — whatever. And the more fitting that light would be — the better. We all have to agree on one point: a bathroom painted (and lit) in one single color won’t look as good, as a great combination of a couple or three colors.

We advice you: to look up good color-combinations before proceeding to the actual decoration.

How to?

When ready, try to imagine how everything would look like in the end. If you know how to draw — have a go at it. You need to ensure that you are doing everything correctly, and that you won’t regret your decision.


If everything is fine and you like it, go on and choose the light. The larger your wall-mounted window is, the harder it will be, as the details will be much more obvious.

Also, when choosing lights for your window, unless you are going with something maximalistic, try and not choose something that will display too much vanity — this is long out of fashion. Try something simpler. Don’t overdo too much though.

For example, if you are making a minimalistic bathroom, and there’s a choice between lamps, mounted on encrusted with gold fittings or a minimalistic lamp with one or two basic colors (perhaps even a light strip to go under the mirror), then we recommend to choose the second variant.


Below are some other things you might take into consideration when developing your interior:

    • Mount a magnified mirror next to a normal one. Especially if said mirror has it’s own light and that light fits your design. This is a good and effective way to improve the functionality without much trade-off in terms of design.
    • Use light strips in many different ways, specifically elastic ones. They will bind onto your interior, creating very interesting solutions and definitely improving it. And in addition they are almost always waterproof.
Warning! Even though the strips are waterproof, subjecting them to too much water isn’t a good idea. Especially if you are not sure if the product can indeed sustain water.
  • Try to connect your window and the lights with other parts of the room. A good design is the design one part of which will flow into the other and add up to the whole. Whereas if you don’t combine everything into the one, it will look very unfinished.


To round up, it is important to state that no matter what design you are working on, you have to be as perfect and clean as possible.

No cables in the way, no possible unneeded curves or burnt lights. The light should fall as straightly as possible — if it is intended to do.

Yet again, there are some circumstances when you want to forget about some common-sense rules and introduce something of your own. That doesn’t happen too often nonetheless. And finally, good luck and thank you for reading.

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