Outdoor Canopy Lighting: Home Design Ideas and Tips

Adding outdoor lighting to a night courtyard makes it romantic, mysterious and exciting. Contemporary lamps’ design not only provide lighting and security, but also serve as a decoration. One of the tools to create a unique glowing in the dark environment can be using a canopy light. It is the best solution for lighting a dining place in your garden or wedding ceremonies. Here you can find some ideas how to make lighted outdoor canopy using a basic kit of instruments.

1. Commercial lighting
If someone is interested in a high quality canopy lighting, then 400W metal halide bulbs can be the best solution as they provide high quality lighting and last longer than standard bulbs. Such bulbs provide with wider lighting and usually they are not expensive.

2. LED fairy lights canopy
One of the advantages of LED fairy lights is that they are vary in colors and forms. Choose one in a blue star form and create a magical sky of stars under the tree.

3. Flower garland canopy
Make your own hand made canopy using some flowers and glass jars. Firstly, make a short garland: take 3-4 jars and connect each one by a small piece of wire. Then put some rose petals and candles into each jar, and hang up the garlands to your fixtures.

4. Ribbon tent canopy
Use fluttering ribbons to provide an effect of mystique. Take multicolored ones and hang them from the top of your central lamp.

5. Bottled Lighting
Make use of your old empty bottles from wine or juice. Use LED lights for these, as they do not generate a lot of heat. Put some ribbons into the bottle and it will make the lighting different. .

Do not forget to turn off the power before and during installation process. All connections to electrical network must be securely isolated. Refer to specialists, if you are not familiar with the principle of equipment operation, which is part of the outdoor lighting system.

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