Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Lights: Design and Size


When deciding whether you should install a fan in your bedroom or not, and which one to pick, the first question to be asked is why would you need it. The first that comes to mind first is cooling. As bedrooms are usually situated on the second floor, where it may be too hot in summer times, a ceiling ventilator may be the best decision. The second reason a fan can be at hand is white noise; some people can’t fall asleep without a quite TV set mumbling or a fan buzzing.


Yet, from a designers’ point of view, fans, especially fans with lights, are a very contradictory option. Even though this device is dual-purpose, being a combo of a lamp and a ventilator, the majority of designers advise to replace such ones with pedestal or tower fans and light the room with chandeliers, wall sconces etc.


When installing the fan, first of all, get the height right. The higher your ceiling, the longer extension rod you’ll need to mount the fan on and if the ceiling is very low, you’d better consider buying so-called “ceiling huggers” with no rods at all.

Size the Fan to the Room

Room Size Fan Size
75- ft2 or less 36 in or less
75-144 ft2 36- 42 in
144-225 ft2 44- 50 in
225-400 ft2 50-54 in


Either you’re going to use pull chains, wall switches or a remote to control your fan with lights, keep the ceiling fan on a separate circuit from lighting, otherwise when the lights are off, the fan is off. Consider buying a fan with a speed changer so as to adjust the air flow and mount dimmer switchers to adjust the amount of light according to a situation. Besides, think about a timer capable of shutting the fan down automatically, otherwise you’ll have to creep like a hunter in the night to quietly turn off the fan in an hour after going to bed, because it will have become unbearably cold in there.


Since this is a light fixture, the same rules are applicable for it as for any other source of light. So, the brightness of emitted light should depend on the size of a room, the warm colors (yellow, red) should be preferred over cold ones (white, blue), and LED or SFL should be used instead of traditional energy-consuming bulbs.

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