Childrens Bedroom Lighting Ideas: Types of Lights and Its Advantages

You should consider many factors when arranging lighting for a children’s bedroom. You should not only make sure that the space is adequately lit, but also take safety into consideration, especially if you have small children. Luckily, there are numerous creative options for children bedrooms to choose from. Of course, mounting disco lights would be a mediocre idea, but still freedom of choice does exist.

Ceiling and Pendant Lights

Since the fixtures and their wiring are out of reach, ceiling and pendant lights are considered the safest for places where kids live. In order to keep your children’s sight healthy, please, don’t remember about proper shielding of bulbs with shades. If you have no night lamp, you can consider installing a dimmer, so that a dimmed overhead light could serve as one.

Wall Lights

Wall lamps are considered safe for the same reasons – they can’t be brought down and their wiring is not easy to reach. By the way, such a novelty as covering the wiring with cords or tapes will also increase safety dramatically.

Table and Floor Lights

Needless to say, that these lights are far less safe. Yet, sometimes they are prerequisite for lighting up a localized spot, e.g. the working table. Besides, many table lamps come in variety of unique and funky designs with flowers, stars or fairy-tale characters on them, so that they could easily fit up in any kids’ room. Anyway, set such projectors up with caution, avoid them in bedrooms for very small kids and prefer LEDs above habitual bulbs, since LEDs don’t get hot.

Night Lamps

In fact, necessity of night lamps is often argued against. On the one hand, you always need to know what is happening in there without switching the overhead lights on and off and bothering the kid. Also some kids are scared of darkness, so they sleep better if some lights are on. On the other hand, light affects circadian rhythms and the kid will sleep worse at night and be less active at daytime.

But if you would still like to buy one, you can check the nearest ikea store to choose from an endless string of different night lamps that come in different designs: cars, mushrooms, hearts, clouds… you name it. It is preferable to buy the one with a red bulb in it, since this color will be less irritating to the brain and, therefore, will less interfere with the sleep.

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