Cottage Style Outdoor Lighting: Decorating Ideas & Tips

What is Cottage Style?

Well, it’s pretty hard to define, because, strictly saying, cottage is just a house, so if you want to have a go, just think that you’re trying to get an atmosphere of an old cozy cottage from the English countryside. The more soul-warming details there are – the better. Cute pillows and worn-out wooden cupboard for the inside, woven chairs and vintage flower pots for the outside – almost everything can be used to create the unique look of your cottage home.

This goes for the outdoor lights as well as for any other elements. Some of the fixtures you can even make yourself. For this you’ll just need an interesting object, which you can fix a lamp into. For example, it can be an old vase or a good-looking watering can – only your imagination can stop you.

Warning! Pay attention on the material you’re using – piece of cloth can burn if touches a lamp, for example, which puts you in a risk of a fire.

How to Choose Lights for your Cottage?

It’s not complicated to choose something suitable for cottage, you have to keep in mind that your light has to be:

  • Vintage-looking
  • Unique
  • Practical.

So if you need to make your entrance door highlighted, don’t use an old shoe with the lamp in it for creating a proper wall light, however unique it might seem it won’t be bright enough so it will not fulfill its main purpose. Better take a look at the old-school Tudor style lantern with it’s beautiful black metal elements and warm soft light. Or, if you have an all-white beach atmosphere, use some painted old bird cages, to have just as much light as you need.

Also vintage decoration doesn’t mean that you can’t use some modern technologies for your patio. For example, having the motion sensors on your lights can be a wise idea. After all, safety of your home is the most important thing, and if you can minimize the risk of thieves entering it, you should.

It all may seem a bit complicated, but, really, the main idea of this style is quite simple — just start collecting the beautiful and special things and make your first steps towards creating your cottage home today!

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