Christmas Light Decorations for Bedroom: the Best Design Ideas, Tips and Picures

Christmas lights look bizarre, regardless of where you hang them. But if you combine their beauty with the charm of your bedroom, you will get a really fabulous result. So you can use them for decorating the bedrooms and improve its uniqueness.

Here are Some Interesting Ideas:

1. Use the garland to create a fake headboard for your bed. Attention! You can wrap garlands along the real headboard too.

2. If you have a canopy bed, hang Christmas lights so that they look like shimmering curtains. They will look magical. And even if you don’t have a four-poster bed, you can still create something similar, just hanging tulle and garlands on the ceiling.

3. We recommend you to wrap garlands around a branch or a piece of driftwood to make a Central element, which can be set above your bed. You can even add a switch and turn on it as a light source for reading.

4. Another way to decorate your bedroom is to simply hang the garland on a nail driven into the wall. Let the garlands be a replacement for your lamp on the nightstand.

5. Instead of a headboard you can put a light drapery behind the bed. It can be transparent, and can hide the lights behind it, creating a bizarre effect.

6. If you really want the stars to twinkle in your bedroom, buy a garland with the bulbs in the shape of stars and hang them on the wall.

7. If you hang garlands in zigzags, you can use tiny clothespins to attach photos and other cute stuff and personalize your bedroom walls.

8. You can also hang garlands on the ceiling. They will look better in the bedroom located at the attic or if your ceiling is slope.

9. You can do something special, to personalize the walls of your bedroom. For example, make a sign from the garlands which will light up and carry any meaning.

10. In addition, you can attach garlands to a board and create your own message, drawing and so on. We suggest that you drill holes in the Board to hide the ends of the garland so that only the desired design is visible. But be careful! Do observe safety precautions when working with tools, and if you do not have the necessary skills, ask a professional.

11. Garlands can have many different forms and patterns, and if you hide them behind a soft four-poster, they will glow, creating a particularly romantic atmosphere.

Thus, to create an unusual and cozy atmosphere in your room it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. Just use your imagination!

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