How to Decorate Bedroom with Rope Lights — the Best Ideas and Tips

Using ropes for room decoration is becoming more and more popular today. There are several types of ropes among which you can choose.

LED Rope

LED rope is a rope with small lights fixed on it. Usually this kind of rope has sticky backside, what lets you place it anywhere you need lighting.

LED ropes are long-lasting, easy to use, save electricity and have wide range of colors. Mostly, LED ropes are used for floor and ceiling illumination.

Neon Rope

Flexible neon is something between LED rope and neon lamp. It has the same construction as LED rope, but the difference is that it has neon lamps. Comparing with basic neon lamp, neon ropes are more useful because of their flexibility. So, it’s not necessarily to use them on a straight surface.

Advice! LED and neon ropes have different characteristics. Before buying, get professional advice and identify the best option for yourself.

Ideas for Ropes

There are several options where to fix a rope. For example, it is a good idea to place it at the bottom of shelves or bedside table. If you want to get higher decorative effect, you can install special aluminum shape or transparent duct first, and place a rope inside after.

Advice! If you do not know how to hang rope by yourself, you can always ask for a professional advice at lighting shop or via internet.

If you have stairs in your bedroom, you can always use bright ropes for illumination. Steps will be well recognized, which is good for safety, and will look perfectly gorgeous.

You can also reach an interesting effect by framing your furniture with ropes. Especially this kind of lighting will suit minimalistic and high-tech interior. For example, your furniture and the whole design can be quite simple and plain, but you can highlight table or bed with ropes. This will make your bedroom look more expensive.

Another fantasy that you can fulfill is a night sky creation. It will be quite easy by sticking thin rope under the glass table.

After all, rope can be used as decoration element by itself. You can always roll it in a random way and put in transparent vase or other container, and your spectacular lamp will be ready.

Water-Proof Ropes

There is also another type of ropes which is called water-proof rope. Except for its good usage in rooms with high humidity, you can also place it under the water. That will help you if you are decorating your bedroom with elements of bio-design. For example, you might have an ornamental waterfall and decorate it with ropes.
Generally, ropes’ durability is about 100000 hours, but it can become lower because of wrong usage and installation.

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