Green Lighting Bathroom Ideas: Where and How Do You Use Them




When it comes to designing your home, you have to take into consideration many different things in the same time. Your wallpapers, their color, style, the accessories on them. Then there are floors and ceilings, having their unique color and style as well. And lights. Lights are what illuminates your room, strengthens and underlines it’s own design. Let’s say you are designing a bathroom. One of those rooms that you will have to visit every day. So, you need it to look nice. And what better way to do this, if not by placing beautiful lights in correct places, and making the whole bathroom lit.


Green Color

One popular color pallet is green. That’s understandable: green color is the “friendly” color. It makes you feel better and calmer. The color of trees, grass and other plants. If you want to calm down – visit your bathroom full of green tones. First of all, you need to choose which tone in particular is mostly going to be used.

We don’t recommend you: to paint the room with an “acid” tone – in will really disrupt the view and may even give you a headache. So choose something darker, like a boreal forest green, maybe the color of grass. Though don’t choose the swamp green either – it is too dark and uncomfortable for many people.


Secondly, you should think out all the possibilities to decorate your room. And there are LOTS of them. Maybe you want to design something more minimalistic – perhaps something more vintage and “overly” decorated. It is completely up to you.

We advice you: to go with the minimalistic style. It is the most popular at the time, and indeed looks very nice.

How do you decorate your bath then? Well, in combination with green, you may use snow-white color at places close to the floor and the ceiling. Maybe even partially on a wall.


But don’t overuse it – it is more of an additional color, than it is the main one. When you’ve made up your mind, it is time to think about the lights.

Where and How Do You Use Them?


  • As green bathroom is probably going to be heavily lit, you shouldn’t hesitate to add more lights than usual. If you would normally hang a couple of light fixtures to the left and right side of the mirror, in this case you can mount them into the walls and floor, hang them from the ceiling (perhaps even on rigid metal tubes) or along the said walls. Also, don’t leave rugs and other bathroom accessories in the dark either.
  • Try and underline the green paint as much as possible. This is, obviously, the most important thing about your bathroom decor. Most of the lights have to be focused around it.
  • As a contrary to most of the lighting decors out there, green color looks much better, when the light falls onto it from a straight angle. Otherwise it won’t look as saturated which will result in a room getting “blinded”. To make the light fall correctly, try and center the lamps in the center of a bathroom.
Warning! Adding a blinding amount of lights won’t be beneficial. Too much light will cause the room to look too “artificial”.


In conclusion, it is important to note that by correctly placing the lights in your bathroom, you are improving the design by a large margin. After all, those lights are what makes your room visible, and what the human eye is actually detecting.

Also, as a final note, always try to minimize the amount of reflection your room has. E.g, use matte wallpapers. So, good luck with everything and thank you for reading.

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