How to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light: Preparation and Step-by-Step Instruction


You’ve lived in one house for an eternity? Very often used a bathroom? And possibly you can switch on the bathroom light and the vent at the same time with a flick of the switch?

Then you possibly know that there’s this problem with the said fan getting clogged with dust and what more. “But how do you clean it?!”. It is a good question.

And below you are going to read all the things you need to do this. Nonetheless – this can be a common problem, especially when you live in very dusty areas of our planet. Or just don’t like to clean.

How Сan This Happen?

Clogging any device, be it a ventilation fan or your PC’s cooler is very easy. And it’s even easier if you use the device very often. That is why without roper cleaning, air-cooled computers may have a decrease in their performance.

Same goes for vents – though your room isn’t a rig possible of doing high frequency calculations, it’s still something that can heat up pretty fast, and/or gradually obtain a bad smell. This is what exhaust fans are for. If they work very actively or often they will wear out, and your bathroom will be much warmer (too much, in fact) and possibly the smell will be tremendous. And everything is simply because you don’t clean your room.

So, if you have to clean the fan too often, we advice you to clean more often and brush all the dust off as well as possible.


If you know for sure that your fan isn’t working on it’s maximum capacity, whether you hear much more muffled sounds, noting that your vent is working, of don’t hear them at all, possibly combined with really hot temperatures, fog etc, then you can know for sure that the fan needs cleaning.

First of all, note where it is and how are you going to access it. When done, find appropriate tools.

To open the case, you need:

  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • a rag;
  • phillips screwdriver to open the case.
We recommend you: to use a bit less powerful cleane, otherwise you may damage the components.

How to?

Warning! Please, turn off the light and power supplied to the fan. For safety reasons.

The process for fan with or without the light is pretty much the same:

  • Remove the case. First, you can see the lights cover. Get it off by applying pressure to the holding pins and pulling the cover slightly. It will probably be plastic. When the cover is off, unscrew the lamp.
  • Remove the grated cover and unscrew remaining screws, including the one holding the light fixture in place.
  • When you see a power cable connected to the fan, accurately unplug it. If you notice the same for your lamp – unplug as well.
  • Be careful! don’t pull the cable by itself, but hold it at the it’s end (the plastic cover).
  • Every piece of dust you see, on the cover, the fan – go on and clean it with the vacuum cleaner. In case you can’t pull a component out of the ceiling – improvise. If you need more proper cleaning – use warm water (not on the fan elements though!).
  • Attach all the cables back into place.
  • Return and screw in the covers, putting the light when needed.
  • You are done.


When everything is done, the lights can be turned on and tested. If everything works, you can pat yourself on the back – you’ve made it.

Otherwise, something is probably wrong with the cables. In case everything worked, thy nor to cog the fan with dust again. It is simply done by cleaning everything. Good luck and thank you for reading.

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