International logistics: advantages and trends


Developing operations that involve the foreign market requires professionalism, special care and, above all, knowledge of the facts, after all, there are many details that go into importing and exporting goods. International logistics provider TELS GLOBAL is a company that provides comprehensive logistics solutions for business. They are engaged in cargo transportation in Europe, storage, cargo handling, as well as providing other logistics-related services. Such companies operate internationally and have a network of partners around the world.



   What are the advantages of investing in international logistics?

When the subject involves international logistics, attention is focused on the import and export of products.

International logistics makes commercial operations between companies located in different countries viable, when well-defined processes and the support of specialists provide enterprises with:

  • access and opportunities in new markets,
  • cost reduction and efficiency in the logistics sector,
  • clients satisfaction,
  • increased competitiveness in the national and international market.

   Main trends in international logistics

International logistics follows the evolution of business and trends that are gaining more and more space around the world.


The global market is paying attention to two areas that attract attention and that also need to be adapted to logistical processes so that good results are achieved: sustainability and technological advances.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Preference for sustainable solutions

Increasingly, it is clear that the consumer and the legislation of the most diverse countries require behaviors that meet ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance practices of suppliers), therefore, it is necessary to adapt to this reality to achieve success.

Products and logistics need to meet these requirements, however, it is necessary to have a vision for details that until recently went unnoticed in negotiations.

  1. Greater investment in technology

Another factor that gains importance in international logistics concerns the use of technology.

This means the digitalization of businesses and processes, where automation promotes:

  • cost reduction,
  • greater productivity,
  • organization of the workflow.

This means that it is necessary to have trained professionals and support structures that facilitate processes, where technological knowledge becomes fundamental.

  1. Increased concern about cybersecurity

Still focusing on the subject of technology, another highlight that is gaining more and more space and becoming a concern at an international level is the issue of cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, hackers continue to cause enormous losses and major disruptions to maritime transport systems, where database and software attacks affect:

  • ship operators,
  • port terminals,
  • logistical links in global supply chains.

These trends in international logistics tend to require more responsibility and commitment from market players, therefore, it is necessary to count on quality support and companies that know in detail the behind-the-scenes of foreign trade.

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