Lantern Lights for Bedroom: Types and Its Benefits

We all got used that lanterns are mostly used for street decoration. But today lanterns (including street ones) can be found inside the house. Except for basic lighting functions lanterns can make your bedroom comfortable, cozy and romantic.

Types of Lanterns

There are 4 types of lanterns depending on where you place them:

  • ceiling
  • wall
  • pendant
  • floor.

Basically ceiling lanterns are used for general lighting, and can be the only source of light in the bedroom. Wall lantern is a kind of alternative for sconce. If you favor wall lantern, your interior will definitely get mysterious and romantic style. Designers are usually hanging pendant lanterns for illumination of surroundings. Generally they are used as an extra lighting. Floor lanterns can look like torchiere, street lantern, etc.

Lanterns can be made of different materials: stone, metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic or combined ones. If you like crafting, you can always make lanterns by yourself using papier-mache, pumpkin or empty glass cans. Besides, lanterns can be of different styles: classic, countrylike, high-tech, modern, gothic, etc. Furthermore, they can be fitted with LED and neon lamps, candles and others.

Today lantern string lights are getting more and more popular. You can easily find them in the shop, internet, or make them by yourself using cotton.

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns are also known as sky lanterns. Traditional ones are made of paper, and are widely used in interiors of eastern decor. If you are planning to decorate your bedroom using eastern style, you have to remember that this kind of interior needs to have pleasant, soft and diffused light. Different types of Chinese lanterns give the opportunity to reach lighting level which is needed.

Street Lanterns

Street lamps are in common use for room decoration today. As soon as these lamps can be placed outside, technically they can be used inside the house. The only thing that can limit lamps’ usage is your fantasy.

Advice! You can take and renovate an old street lantern. But do not forget to clean and repaint it. You can also buy a lantern in a garden or lighting store.

So, basically lantern can become a perfect part of your bedroom design if you kept in mind all style aspects of your room.

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