Outdoor Lighting Pineapple: Amazing Design Ideas and Pictures

There are many different shapes and colors to choose from when you start thinking about your outdoors lighting style. One surprisingly popular trend is pineapple shaped lights. Doesn’t matter what design you’re trying to create: jungle, plantation, kitsch, fun modern – all those can use a bit of the tropical feeling.

Maybe you think it’s silly to have a lighting fixture in shape of a fruit because you don’t want your design to look chip or hand-made? Not at all! For surprisingly classy collection of pineapple-inspired lights go to Hinkley website. They make all kinds of outdoor fixtures – barn wall lights, post lanterns or hanging on the chain pendants.

They’ve got two sets of pineapple plantation lights: clear glass with copper bronze or amber glass with pearl bronze. Both of those look incredibly chic and give a feeling of almost Victorian style decoration.

For something more light and hand-made you can always go to crafty people. There are plenty of artists creating unique metal sconces with the pineapple silhouette cut outs, or pottery professionals making them in clay. If you like the atmosphere of hand crafted objects – try the candle holder lanterns made of bronze and glass or the string lights with metal shells — all this is easily found on Ebay or Amazon.

If you’re more interested in reputable outdoor lighting expert producers – go to Lowes or Portfolio on-line stores, they as well have the cheeky pineapple shapes in their stocks, the price range will be higher but the quality guaranteed. You’ll find some of this cool lights also in Home Depot on-line store, if you’re used to shop there.

Warning! Even if you’re huge fan of fruit shape keep it as a cool detail and don’t turn your whole patio into the fruit shop!

When it comes to creating a special atmosphere in your garden or terrace no idea is too weird. Now the outdoor lighting features come in almost any shape and material you can think of, so let your fantasy go wild and make your own special outdoors.

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