Mid Century Modern Outdoor Lighting: Popular Design Items and Pictures

It’s a known fact that the fashion tends to come back every few decades. So it won’t be a surprise that one of the most stable trends of the last year is the mid-century modern style. The idea is essentially following the traditions of the urban design developed between 1933 and 1965 and, most than any other time, the sixties.

The age we are talking about brings out a lot of memories: Warhol, rock-n-roll, geometry, bright color, minimalistic shape design. And possibly the easiest way to bring a bit of a mid-century vintage feeling to your lighting system is to install some pendants on your terrace.

The ceiling fixtures of this style are very easy to find — just go for something with simple geometric shape, better plastic or other popular material at that time, maybe with some fun transforming elements. One of the examples the globe-shaped white pendants from IKEA, which are opening like a flower if you pull the string – they are inspired by sixties functional design and can be used on your terrace as an outdoor light easily.

Important! If you go vintage style it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use modern technologies, like motion-detectors or video cameras for added security.

Another way to get back to the mid-century atmosphere is to bring some neon signs that got to the peak of their popularity in 20th century. You can place on the walls some Las Vegas inspired signage or just change the bulbs on your spotlight to the colorful one.

Another trademark of the mid-century modern style is an abstraction. In your garden you can always recreate some neo-vintage style lighting installation. This way you have an art object and the lighting fixture altogether. The geometric-shape lamps on galvanized strings fixed on the tree in your yard can fulfill both of that objectives.

One more topic you can approach with this style is science and space. The middle of 20th century had a major crush on this type of objects, so you can always find some ideas in this field. It can be some sputnik wall chandeliers for your veranda or an atom structure crowning the lantern post to bring a cool object to your lawn design.

Mid-century modern design is definitely not going anywhere the next couple of decades, so if you hope your landscape to turn heads – that’s the way to go!

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