Neon Lights for Bedroom: Gorgeous Design Ideas and Tips for Choosing

Usually the simplest decorative decision can become impressive due to right lighting. Of course, this statement is even more correct for complicated and well-considered design projects. Light can focus your attention favorably. It can also create a special atmosphere and give a feeling of room perfection.

Basically people prefer using chandeliers, table and fixed lamps, wall or mirror lamps, sometimes candles or fire-places. But they forget about other kinds of lighting. Meanwhile, while using LED lamps and neon lighting amazing effects can be reached: you can divide your bedroom into parts, change the sense of room space by making it visually wider, bigger and ceiling higher.

What is a Neon Lamp?

Neon lamps are created as hollow tubes which are filled up with noble gas. Through these tubes electricity moves. Neon appeared 100 years ago; and it is in widespread use until now. The secret is in a smooth beautiful light that it provides, unlike any other lighting. Neon is nontoxic, nonburnable and nonexplosive. Neon tubes do not have glowing filaments what makes lamp lifetime longer (10-15 years). Though it is believed that neon is more suitable for market places or advertising, it can be easily used in a bedroom to create a fabulous design. Neon lamps can be of different sizes, shapes and colors (yellow, red, green, blue, etc.)

How to Use Neon?

It is important that if your bedroom has a problem of high humidity, you can still easily use neon lamps.

Advice! Do not place open neon lamps where you can accidentally break them.

It is a good idea for your lamps to be fixed at the ceiling: the light will be soft and smooth, all lamps will be protected and the room will seem to be higher.

Neon lighting is good for home cinema illumination as it gives you opportunity to enjoy the movie without harm to your eyes. Of course, in this case you should choose a lamp with soft light, or a lamp which brightness could be regulated.

Where to Find Perfect Light?

If you have decided to create a perfect party or decorate your bedroom, and you fantasy says that you need to use neon lamps, another question, that appears, is where to find these lamps. You can always go to the nearest lighting shop and choose there, or, you can order lamps via internet. For example, you can always use ebay or any other popular internet-shop which will provide you with wide range of goods and save your time and money.

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