Outdoor Disco Lights: Amazing Ideas for Decorating and Pictures

Outdoor disco lights should be bright and vibrant. Properly selected lights create a special atmosphere of the party. In order to equip the place with a bright and creative light, you need to look into the vast range of equipment, as each area of the outdoor party requires an appropriate attention.

Lighting the DJ Workplace

Lighting the DJ workplace plays an important role in organizing discos. During the development of music and entertainment industry, the primary job of DJs turned into a demonstration show. Therefore, special effects should be used in lighting of the place in order to make the party bright and spectacular. The best solution for the lighting of this zone is trendy LED panels with soft light reacting to the sound of music. You can install them over the head or just behind the DJ.

The Bar Zone

The bar zone must always suggest atmosphere of trust and ease, so lighting should be soft and unobtrusive. At the same time, the light should be sufficient for normal operation of the bartender. Use the projection lamps, creating the effect of the moonflower or decorative lamps in the form of a crystal ball. Such devices can be set in any corner of the bar: in the center, on the wall behind the bartender or at the ceiling.

The Main Types of Outdoor Disco Lights

LED floodlights for discos are efficient, resistant to voltage drops and equipped with a special bracket to adjust the tilt angle. You can put these projectors on the floor or hang on any surface.

Mirror balls for discos are the most popular lighting tools. The ball has many pieces of mirror that pick up the light from the different light sources and spread them around.

Laser lights are an integral part of the lighting equipment for a party. They can vary in color schemes.
Halogen lamps allows changing all the colors of the rainbow by the sound animation. At the same time, it can synchronize the beams into the light show.


The main criterion for the selection of appropriate light systems for outdoor discos should be the scale of the event, its type and the number of the guests invited. In case you are having a small single party, you can hire these lighting systems in special stores and save your money. However, always keep in mind to take into consideration the size of the site and its lighting features.

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