Bathroom Wall Mirror with Light: Ideas and Advices for Decoration


Introduction A bathroom. Yes, that place in your house that you visit quite often. Probably as often as your own room. And what does one consist of as usual? The toilet, bathtub, water tap and… A mirror. The face of the whole room. This is on of the most important and most notable thing about a bathroom. Mirror is located on one’s point of sight, right in front of their face. When you want to […]

Vintage Bath Lighting: Possible Design Ideas and Pictures


Introduction If you have lately rented or purchased a new home, or just wanted to change it’s interior, then you need to design it first. Whether you are a good designer and have a load of ideas appearing in your head, or possibly someone who just wants everything around them look nice, you still need to know something about design. Something that gives it most of the charm. And that is lighting. Creating a high-tech-styled […]

How to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light: Preparation and Step-by-Step Instruction

Introduction You’ve lived in one house for an eternity? Very often used a bathroom? And possibly you can switch on the bathroom light and the vent at the same time with a flick of the switch? Then you possibly know that there’s this problem with the said fan getting clogged with dust and what more. “But how do you clean it?!”. It is a good question. And below you are going to read all the […]

Bathroom Floor Lighting: Amazing Design Ideas and Pictures

Introduction It is right as rain, that every room always has 3 things: floor; walls; a ceiling. It can be a kitchen, a dining room or a bedroom, and even the toilet. And to make those things look impressive, and not like a dark cave, you (or the designer) have to improvise. Adding tiny details, choosing wallpapers, flooring, and lighting everything up. Below you are going to read all the details about the last one […]

Low Light Outdoor Potted Plants: Pros and Cons

If you don’t’ like artificial flowers but you want to add a new design element to your garden or fill some empty place, then combining traditional flower beds and plantations and outdoor potted plants is a very good idea for you. Moreover pots are very convenient as you can take and put it wherever you want: on the porch, in the stairs, in front of the house or in the terrace, hanging in the arbors […]

Wall Mounted Reading Lights for Bedroom: Popular Items for Decorating and Pictures

You need wall mounted reading lights… …at a window seat. Install the lamps on the sidewall or next to the bench; …when there is little or no space for table lamps; …if you own pets who like to jump and bring down table lamps; …if you need more space on your night table for books rather than for lamps; …If the couch can only fit up against a wall in the corner and there is […]

Outdoor Lighting for Parking Lots: Types and Its Benefits

The lighting for the parking lot is not really about the style or design. Well-lit area is easily providing more safety for the cars parked in it as the trespassers are clearly seen and can be noticed from far away. So, the lighting of the commercial parking lot should be organized to bring as much sense of security to the car owners as possible. The typical fixture for area-lighting is a tall pole shielded floodlight, […]

Lawn Lights Illuminated Outdoor Decoration — Gorgeous Design Ideas and Pictures

You decorated the hell out of your garden and house for a special occasion? What’s left? Of course the lawn itself. It might look flat and featureless in the daytime, but you can still make it look magical for you Christmas decoration or for the wedding fairy tale feeling. Lawn lights are small LEDs sequences, which come on a string that you can put around your yard the way you like. Because they are so […]

Mid Century Modern Outdoor Lighting: Popular Design Items and Pictures

It’s a known fact that the fashion tends to come back every few decades. So it won’t be a surprise that one of the most stable trends of the last year is the mid-century modern style. The idea is essentially following the traditions of the urban design developed between 1933 and 1965 and, most than any other time, the sixties. The age we are talking about brings out a lot of memories: Warhol, rock-n-roll, geometry, […]

Outdoor Motion Light with Security Camera — Tips for Home Automation

When you’re planning the design of your landscape lighting there are many things to consider, but possibly one of the most important features is the additional security it can provide to your home. Good news, nowadays you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice the looks for usability. Most of the fixtures can have the sensors built in added to the basic design. The kinds of the security lights include: flood lights; landscape path lighting; roadway luminaries; […]

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