Bedroom Night Light -Tips for Choosing

How would I light a bedroom at night? The short answer is ‘in no way’. Exposure to light while sleeping may be a source of numerous diseases, such as: depression insomnia obesity diabetes cancer. So, specialists advise you to think twice before setting up a night lamp on a nightstand of your or your kid’s bedroom. Insomnia and Depression A human organism is arranged in such a way that when you stop seeing light, it […]

Lantern Lights for Bedroom: Types and Its Benefits

We all got used that lanterns are mostly used for street decoration. But today lanterns (including street ones) can be found inside the house. Except for basic lighting functions lanterns can make your bedroom comfortable, cozy and romantic. Types of Lanterns There are 4 types of lanterns depending on where you place them: ceiling wall pendant floor. Basically ceiling lanterns are used for general lighting, and can be the only source of light in the […]

Baby Bedroom Night and Ceiling Lights

The life style of a child is fundamentally different from the «adult» world. It also affects the lighting of the nursery. The baby perceives everything as a means of cognition of the surrounding world, to put it simply as a toy. Thus when choosing fixtures for a small child you should be guided by the principle that they will become part of the fairy world games. It is important that the game should be safe. […]

Outdoor Canopy Lighting: Home Design Ideas and Tips

Adding outdoor lighting to a night courtyard makes it romantic, mysterious and exciting. Contemporary lamps’ design not only provide lighting and security, but also serve as a decoration. One of the tools to create a unique glowing in the dark environment can be using a canopy light. It is the best solution for lighting a dining place in your garden or wedding ceremonies. Here you can find some ideas how to make lighted outdoor canopy […]

Vanity Mirror with Lights for Bedroom and Its Benefits

As a rule, the bedroom is a place where a woman freshens herself up: combs her hair, applies makeup, picks up the outfit. Therefore, this room should have a mirror in full growth, well lightened with all the necessary sets and vanity table. Today many designers use the mirrors as a tool for creating different shapes and interiors in the room as mirrors have a unique feature to visually widen the space. Nevertheless, we should […]

Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Lights: Design and Size

Why? When deciding whether you should install a fan in your bedroom or not, and which one to pick, the first question to be asked is why would you need it. The first that comes to mind first is cooling. As bedrooms are usually situated on the second floor, where it may be too hot in summer times, a ceiling ventilator may be the best decision. The second reason a fan can be at hand […]

Modern Pendant Lights for Bedroom: Hanging and Ceiling Lights

What is pendant lighting? The pendant lightings, aka drops or suspenders, are fixtures that hang from the ceiling. These lamps come in different sizes, from miniature to large ones, there’re many shades to choose from. Besides, these lamps are sold in a wide range of materials, including brushed steel, bronze, stained or brown glass and nickel. A chandelier is considered a type of pendant lighting, but this fixture is considered too clumsy and old-fashioned for […]

Cheap Outdoor Party Lights — Ideas for Creating Homemade Lighting

During summer, many people move to cottages. After waiting for the sunlight and warm weather for the whole year, they try to spend as much time as possible on a fresh air in a summer time and outdoor parties are one of the ways. Quite often, these parties last up until the morning, so that lighting garden where the party is held, becomes a vital issue. Mostly, garden lighting is limited by lamps, standing on […]

Outdoor Column Light Fixtures: Safety and Design Your Patio

There’s only one chance to make first impression, it stands for the looks of your garden as much as for your own appearance. One simple way to make it better if you have guests visiting in the evening – is to install some outdoor lights. One of the modern possibilities are column light fixtures which can have multiple purposes. They can be used for: Safety Security Decoration. Safety First Whatever you think is important to […]

Cottage Style Outdoor Lighting: Decorating Ideas & Tips

What is Cottage Style? Well, it’s pretty hard to define, because, strictly saying, cottage is just a house, so if you want to have a go, just think that you’re trying to get an atmosphere of an old cozy cottage from the English countryside. The more soul-warming details there are – the better. Cute pillows and worn-out wooden cupboard for the inside, woven chairs and vintage flower pots for the outside – almost everything can […]

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