Solar Panel for Outdoor Lighting: Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar panels today have ceased to be a luxury item. This effective and environmentally friendly way for outdoor lighting of the streets, parks, gardens is becoming more and more popular.

Solar panels operates autonomously and even may be controlled remotely. They convert solar power into electrical energy, stores it in the battery and automatically turns on in the dark time of the day. Moreover, the longer it’s illuminated with the sun, the more light it gives in the night. Full charging in a daytime is usually enough for 8-12 hours of continuous night work. In the case, if the lamp is charged on a cloudy day, because at night it will work less hours and the quality of light will be worse.

Thus, the lighting devices are divided into different categories depending on their method of installation and configuration:
solar spotlights, solar accent lights and solar path lights, powerful street lights and others.

Advice how to use solar panels for outdoor lighting.

For lighting some features in a garden such as a fountain, a tree, a statue, for wall lighting and some can be installed in the ground for lighting the path.


  • simple and creative design;
  • low vulnerability (to whether conditions);
  • savings — no need for fuel or electricity;
  • ease of use (can be easily moved to another location);
  • they’re ecologically safe (they’re manufactured according to all environmental regulations).

However, there are some disadvantages of solar panels.
They are connected mainly with the sun. In the regions with the short daylight hours and a large number of cloudy and rainy days, the lighting will be dull and less effective.

Attention: both too cold weather and prolonged heat is undesirable. It may reduce efficiency of the device and even disable it. Therefore, it is recommended sometimes to provide some cooling system, and during severe frosts it is recommended to replace the panel to the room.

It is worth remembering that the protective glass always needs cleaning from moisture and dust and snow in winter. Otherwise it will reduce the effect.

As for installation of solar batteries, it is very simple. Just follow the instruction in the kit and place it in unshaded areas.

When buying a solar panel, pay attention to the markings on the surface of a package, which specifies the degree of protection of the plafond. The bigger the number, the higher a degree of protection.

It’s not surprising that solar panels should have gained great popularity as it not only save electricity but also And no wonder – because this not only helps to save on electricity, but also make design more unique and even fairy.

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