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Are you looking for the best aquatic plants for ponds? Nowadays, it has become a major trend in the world to use the aromatic flowers in the gardens and pools. The users who love gardening should take care of the selection of the best green stems and leaves for the pools and water fountains. In this article we are going to share top five aquatic plants best for the pools and ponds. Keep the names of these flowers in mind when going to a nursery.
Schoenoplectus lacustris:
It is also known as sub species of tabernaemontani Zebrinus. It has long leaves with green margins. The color of the leaves remain pale green in all seasons. There is no need to bring the seeds of this plant from the nurseries because you can buy the small seedlings. The seedlings are better than a simple seed. Cut the leaves when these are above 5 cm of water surface.
Carex elata:
It is one of the most commonly used plants for ponds. It is also known as Aurea. It has narrow green leaves with no marginal view. The green leaves grow continuously when placed inside the water. The leaves need trimming and maintenance that’s why you need to be careful about Aurea.
Cyperus involucratus:
When searching the best aquatic plants¸ you should focus on the Cyperus involucratus. It has become very popular in this industry because of the vigorously growing nature. Just put the seed in soil containing water and see the outstanding growth.
Iris laevigata:
It is also called Variegata. It is an attractive seedling. The small iris is famous for the blue flowers. Green leaves and blue flowers make the pool very attractive.
Anemopsis californica:
It is among the best plants for ponds. It is commonly used in USA. The white flower has a big runner which maintains the growth.

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