Outdoor Umbrella with Lights: Amazing Ideas for Decorating and Pictures

It is a common fact that hybrids cannot survive for long. In terms of items it usually means that if someone would like to create some device that combines qualities of two ones, he is always between the devil and the deep blue sea – one of two functions will probably fail. However there’re some things in the world that for which performing a few different duties is a piece of cake. One of such things is an umbrella with lights, attached to its underside.

Ways of use

Obviously, you can use this device as any other patio umbrella: hide under it from the sun or rain. At the same time, being under its canopy, you can do everything that requires light while the sun is down; you can read a book, have a chat, enjoy a midnight pool party or spend your leisure time any other way. In addition, this peculiar item can make your backyard look cozier by a simple act of being there, it’s just adorable after all.

How are the Lights Powered?

Most of the umbrellas with lights have up to 40 LED bulbs that are screwed into ribs of their canopies. The fixture uses solar panels to accumulate energy in batteries during a daytime, with which it powers the bulbs at night. Of course this is not an option for areas that cannot boast of clear sunny sky twelve months a year; for such regions there’re cord-and-plug umbrellas available on market. Their cords are usually long enough to let you place the device in any part of your garden.

Can I Make it All by Myself?

In case if you are a fan of DIY, you can simply take a toolkit, clips, strings and attach some lanterns to the ribs of a durable umbrella. Yet, it would be a good idea to arrange centralized (preferably — remote) control upon the lanterns and conveniently operate them all at once.

How Bright are the Lights?

Usually producers make the lights just as bright as you need, not too dim and not too blinding.

Can I Replace the Lights?

Of course, it depends on a model, though usually these lights are irreplaceable. Though, if you are a skillful craftsman, you can affix the whole new string of lights in assembly or repair the old one.


In sum, an umbrella with lights appears a pretty useful and stylish stuff that efficiently serves two purposes. However, durability of such devices usually leaves better to be desired, since it is impossible to replace lights in the most of the umbrella models.

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