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There are many different design possibilities, when working on the bathroom interior. Those are simple, casual designs, minimalistic and maximalistic, colorful and monochromic and many more.

Also, if you want something you would possibly see in a historical museum, then victorian bathroom is your choice.

Be Careful! Any vintage design is very hard to implement just because of the cost and the amount of details.

So what should you know about victorian-era style?

Overall Information about the Design

In the good-old 18th and 19th century, people just loved to show their vanity to others. Starting from outside home decorations and finishing on the bathroom. Everything had to be very stylish and detailed to an extent. Some even had gold all over the place, on the floors and ceilings.

Simply put — the more complex everything was — the better. Although that has changed over the past two centuries — and now it is completely opposite. Minimalistic ideas are all the show in the modern days. Hence something vintage and unique would definitely stand out from the rest.


Design Ideas

You may ask: «How do I create that design then?» To answer the question, lets go over some of the most important details about this style:

  • Wallpapers and flooring. Two of the most notable things, in fact. And the hardest to implement. When you look at vintage photos, you will notice how beautiful and complicated were the walls. Paintings in golden frames, detailed wallpapers. The walls had some «level» and landscape to them. While floors were as simple as possible. White tiles with some ornaments written on them.
  • Lights. By far the most important thing in design. If you manage to completely copy the design from vintage photos and paintings, but use a bright-white light you will completely break the atmosphere in the room.

But how do you prevent that?


We advice you: to choose the best possible variant here, as it is the very important.

So how does one create a victorian-era lighting in their room? First, we recommend you to see old black-and-white photos and identify where the lights are located. As you will possibly see, they are often placed both sides of the mirror and on the ceiling, in a form of a chandelier.

Also, you might or might not notice how dark everything is. The brightest light comes from a large window pointed outside. And this is what you should try and copy. Dim yellowish lights lighting up the most important details.


As you may know, victorian era was pretty dark. The electricity wasn’t so advanced, some housed didn’t even have it. Thus, if you want to completely copy the old vintage style, choose some ancient-looking lamps.

Those are lamps with dark, old transparent glass where plastic would normally be. If you want to go even further — get candle-like bulbs.

We advice you: to imagine how an old room would look like, and then just use common sense.


In conclusion, when building yourself a victorian-styled bathroom, remember to follow the simple set of rules:

  • Everything has to look old and not advanced enough. Mirror has to be like it has been in the fire and has some black stains in it. Windows wouldn’t be clear and shouldn’t let too much light in. Lamps should look very simplistic and out-fashioned. The furniture just looks like it has been taken from an old age and etc.
  • Everything has to be dark. Even if electricity and lighting existed in the day, it wasn’t bright at all. It was of a yellow and had quite a dark tone.
  • Victorian bathroom is a combination of ceramic and stone walls/floors with wood and wallpapers.

Following those rules above, and adding a bit of inspiration and perspiration will definitely yield good results. So, thank you for reading and good luck.

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