Outdoor Soffit Lighting: Best Decorating Ideas and Pictures

Why Would you Need Soffit Lighting

First of all, a light, rolling down the wall, creates a dramatic effect by illuminating intensively a few parts of the wall and bring out the building shape at nighttime. Secondly, a fixture, recessed into a soffit, can outline the silhouette of sills, window trim, corners quoins and mid-wall bands. Thirdly, these lightings fit well for repelling would-be intruders. Fourthly, a soffit lighting that illuminates your walkway makes the home entrance much safer ensuring that you would never break an ankle by stumbling across a flower pot or a garden gnome near the door just because of darkness.

What to Use for Lighting Space Under Soffit

It would be a good idea for your soffit fixtures to screw low voltage LED bulbs in them, e.g. 1.5 watt. With these lamps you’ll get ample, bright light without spending too much electric energy. If you already have the soffit lighting, specialist advice you to remodel it by placing LED bulbs instead of the obsolete filament bulbs, since it will help you to cut energy costs significantly, especially if you leave the lights on over every night. Hereby you can save more than $50 a year.

How to Install Soffit Lighting

Setting up soffit lighting is something that cannot be made in fits and starts. Usually soffit lighting is located in the middle of the soffit. It is preferable to place stucco and cornice first and only then place the soffit, otherwise there’s a risk that your exterior cornice, located at the intersection of the soffit and the wall, and the soffit, extending 5-6″ from the face of the wall, can partly eliminate the bizarre real estate look. In this case LED lights that are supposed to be situated just in the center appear too close to the wall, or even completely hidden.

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