Bathroom Ceiling Light with Fan: How to Choose

Introduction All small and crowded rooms need to have a good way of venting out humid and hot air into the environment, while receiving cold and clean outside air. When it isn’t that important for large rooms, especially with windows that may be opened, this comes into place when speaking about bathrooms. As most houses save up available room for something else, like a bedroom, and leave small leftovers for the bathroom (even more so […]

Green Lighting Bathroom Ideas: Where and How Do You Use Them

Introduction When it comes to designing your home, you have to take into consideration many different things in the same time. Your wallpapers, their color, style, the accessories on them. Then there are floors and ceilings, having their unique color and style as well. And lights. Lights are what illuminates your room, strengthens and underlines it’s own design. Let’s say you are designing a bathroom. One of those rooms that you will have to visit […]

Victorian Bath Lighting: Overall Information about the Design

Introduction There are many different design possibilities, when working on the bathroom interior. Those are simple, casual designs, minimalistic and maximalistic, colorful and monochromic and many more. Also, if you want something you would possibly see in a historical museum, then victorian bathroom is your choice. Be Careful! Any vintage design is very hard to implement just because of the cost and the amount of details. So what should you know about victorian-era style? Overall […]

Crystal Bath Lighting: Different Types of Crystals

Introduction You always need your home to look gorgeous. Every room, every yard should be able to impress an occasional visitor. Garage, kitchen, living room — and even a bathroom. And what better way would you find, then to fancy up a bath by adding some «shiny things» all around. That will definitely show that you’re completely serious about your interior. This is a very universal method, though the more quality you want from it, […]

Bath Ventilation Fan with Light: Multiple Types of Fans

Introduction Every room needs a way to exchange old and warm and carbon oxide filled air with fresh air from outside. While most rooms have windows for that job, bathrooms are a completely different case. Mostly baths are small rooms with no windows, or one very small one, perhaps that can’t be opened. And unless you are not dealing with those circumstances, you need ventilation fans. So how do you give your tiny unventilated bathroom […]

Bathroom Light Strip: What You Shouldn’t Do

Introduction When imagining a nice bathroom in your house, first thing most people think of are the lights. Why? Well, lights can emphasize or underline important details of the interior. Whether it’s something like a little curve on the wall, or maybe a stylish picture you want everyone to see, lights are important. As important they are, the bigger their variety is. There are different fixtures, including chandeliers, simple light bulbs, possibly installed inside a […]

Light Grey Bathroom: Amazing Design Ideas and Pictures

Introduction Many colors exist in our world. Some are very bright, funny and happy, while some are dark, more authentic and casual. For example, bright red, toxic green and black and white. Every each one of them has it’s own purpose and fits the specific colors in the pallet. This combination of colors is mostly what our eyes see and react to. So, this is something to take intro consideration when creating own decor of, […]

Vertical Bathroom Lighting — Where Should You Place Them

Introduction All lamps have their own forms and unique details. There are square and minimalistic plain white lights, while others are circle and have many details about them. Some even don’t have an exact form, and can be fitted into any design. And as many forms there are, the more actual room styles exist. Whether it’s minimalistic casual black-and-white design, or a vibrant mess, you still have to decide on what lamps and where you […]

Bathroom Wall Mirror with Light: Ideas and Advices for Decoration

Introduction A bathroom. Yes, that place in your house that you visit quite often. Probably as often as your own room. And what does one consist of as usual? The toilet, bathtub, water tap and… A mirror. The face of the whole room. This is on of the most important and most notable thing about a bathroom. Mirror is located on one’s point of sight, right in front of their face. When you want to […]

Vintage Bath Lighting: Possible Design Ideas and Pictures

Introduction If you have lately rented or purchased a new home, or just wanted to change it’s interior, then you need to design it first. Whether you are a good designer and have a load of ideas appearing in your head, or possibly someone who just wants everything around them look nice, you still need to know something about design. Something that gives it most of the charm. And that is lighting. Creating a high-tech-styled […]

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