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Many colors exist in our world. Some are very bright, funny and happy, while some are dark, more authentic and casual.


For example, bright red, toxic green and black and white. Every each one of them has it’s own purpose and fits the specific colors in the pallet.

This combination of colors is mostly what our eyes see and react to. So, this is something to take intro consideration when creating own decor of, let’s say, a bathroom.

We advice you: grey interior style, if you want something very basic, simplistic and easy-to-use as well.

Grey Color

Grey is a color, that stands right in between black and white in the color pallet. To create it, you just mix green, red and blue colors in the same proportions. And as a result, grey color looks best in line with black and white besides it. And, coincidentally, many bathroom accessories, like mats and rugs, are also white. This is obviously very convenient.


Also, due to the color’s simplicity, you can very often see grey costumes and other casual clothes, cars etc. It is mostly a very “passive” color, hence it won’t attract too much unneeded attention. If you want your interior to look very simple and authentic, while still being bright – we recommend using grey tones.

The Brightness

So, as you may already understand – grey is quite a bright color, if applied on large surfaces, like walls. But it is obviously not as dark as black, nor it is as bright as white.

It makes it a very nice and easy-to-use color, especially in your bathroom with all the limited space you have.

How do you light everything up then? It is incredibly simple! It is even simpler than most of the other designs. Again, as grey is something in between bright and dark, you can use as much of it as you want to – and it will still look good, while being very bright.

And because of that you can even get off with just one or two light sources in the room. That is unbelievable, considering that most other bathrooms can have up to 10 small lamps mounted inside, and still look dark.


Well, you don’t need many lights to brighten a grey bathroom. But you do need to know where those lights go. First of all, a authentic grey room wouldn’t look nice if you made it overly complicated.

Thereby, you should probably go for minimalistic wall/floor/ceiling-mounted lights. They won’t abstract any design details, and won’t sophisticate the style too much as well, while giving off just enough light:

  • For example, you can find a strong rectangular light that can be plainly mounted into the wall. A good place for it would be aside the mirror, especially if it has the same height as it. It will throw a load of light on a vanity (which would better be white), and walls, which would reflect that ligh across the whole room.
  • Another way of mounting the lights would be by hiding the light source behind something. Be it just furniture or, perhaps, rugs, by hiding the lighting behind them you will create a strong feeling of spaciousness, everything wouldn’t look as artificial and still be very bright.
Warning! It is not recommended to mount the light into the tiles, as that may cause it to beam the whole room from bottom to the top, obstructing your view etc.


For the conclusion remember, that designing a grey bathroom is mostly about hiding everything that might look bad/overly complicated, and leaving everything else. Basically, play a game of hide-and-seek with the lights. Thankfully, due to grey being the color it is, as stated above, you don’t need to mount too many lights either.

Just imagine that all the grey colors in the room became a bright tone of white, and you probably won’t make a mistake with too much lights. Ending it here, thank you for reading and good luck.

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