Teenage Girl Bedroom Lighting: Ideas and Pictures

A girl’s bedroom should be decorated the way it could be renewed a couple of years later. This is connected with her growing-up and change of her interests.

Ideas for Lamp Placing

In order to make a girl’s bedroom more likable you should use your fantasy as much as you can. For example, a wonderful flower with LED lumps can be a great decoration and will bring enough light to the room. As another option, room can be full of basic lamps and one fluffy lamp on the ceiling.

Hidden lamps in leaves and flowers will create the atmosphere of fairy-tale garden. Christmas lights look fancifully wherever you use them. Considering huge number of Christmas lights types, you can easily create amazing interiors. Decorating mirrors and closets with lamps will be also a good idea.

Little princesses like pink color, butterflies and bows. In this case you can decorate her reading-lamp with ribbons and flowers. If she is a baby, you can choose among other light colors: baked milk, milk apricot, cameo pink, pale blue, yellow, etc.

Table and Bed Lighting

Above the table a source of bright light should be placed. It should be possible to change the direction of the light as well. For example, you can buy lamp and fix it to the furniture or wall, or choose basic reading-lamp.

Designers also recommend placing a floor or wall lamp. The light shouldn’t be bright, but it should be enough for reading. As basic lighting it is better to use spotlights as they help to spread the light evenly.

Choosing Drapes

The basic criterion for choosing drapes is room design, but do not forget about girl’s preferences. Try to choose environmentally-friendly materials if possible. Drapes should be easy to clean as well. While choosing drapes, remember that they can change the room looks totally.

Teenage Bedroom

Teenage girl room design should be stylish, as it is important for her personality development. Most probably it would be better to choose modern style like high-tech, eco-style or minimalism. Sometimes teenagers prefer classic style.

Advice! Try to take her opinion into account, and ask what design she wants.

Whatever you decide to add to your daughter’s room, do not forget that it might be time for her to choose. And remember that little girl’s and teenager’s fixtures differ.

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