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You always need your home to look gorgeous. Every room, every yard should be able to impress an occasional visitor. Garage, kitchen, living room — and even a bathroom.


And what better way would you find, then to fancy up a bath by adding some «shiny things» all around. That will definitely show that you’re completely serious about your interior. This is a very universal method, though the more quality you want from it, the more expensive it will be. Let’s see what you have to know before even thinking about that.

Different Types of Crystals

When it comes to decorating your bathroom with pure crystals, you sure need to be ready and sustain any price that it might cost. So what are the possible ideas? So:

  • Cheaper, artificial crystals. Probably the most reasonable and budget decision to go for. Though the crystals still will cost you, it’s not even closely comparable to other variants. Though they don’t have the same properties as real diamonds, they will surely create a luminous atmosphere in your bathroom.
  • Encrusted in diamonds bronze fixtures for lights, just made to display all your vanity. Can be used anywhere something special is needed. Especially good if you are designing yourself a luxurious vintage bath. Can be placed on a wall above the mirror etc. Quite an expensive luxury.
  • Full-on coverage of walls, ceiling, floor and/or mirror in diamonds, crystal pendants dangling from everywhere. To get even more insane — apply the word «Swarovski» before every diamond you place. This is some serious business for some very serious people. Though, we advice you to not spend all your last money for decorating a bath. If you have the resources and really want to — go for it, of course. Otherwise it can be considered madness.


It is recommended: to use a combination of lights, nice metals and good design with crystals.

That way you are going to get everything out of that expensive interior you’ve got there. Just imagine all those diamonds calmly shining and illuminating the whole room with the color of light you wanted. Awesome, isn’t it?


So experiment, think about how it would look in reality, and then decide. Remember: if there’s nothing to reflect (e.g. light), then north is going to shine. It is such a simple thing, but can be as easily forgotten about.

Bad Ideas

With such colossal ideas come colossal fails. And you certainly don’t want to spend thousands and regret the decision later, do you?

So, what should you consider:

  • Always analyze your budget. Don’t overbuy — it’s not worth it. Better sit with a normal bathroom and money, then with a king’s bath and no money.
  • If going with diamonds — better focus everyone’s eye on them. Don’t place crystals in a shadow — light them up. Don’t hide them, but as opposed — show them to everyone, let them know. Make it as worth it as possible.
  • Locate diamonds in such places, where they would fit and be a great addition to the design. For example, if there’s, let’s say, an unfilled hole somewhere, and a diamond would shine perfectly in there, AND it fits — place it there. Otherwise, if there’s a random place on a wallpaper 24/7 covered in darkness with no real benefit to the design — obviously don’t touch it. By now you should get what this is all about.


To summarize, encrusting your bathroom with diamonds is a very mad idea. Unless your whole life’s dream is about having a shiny diamond bathroom, then perhaps it is a bit more reasonable.

It is very expensive, especially the Swarovski crystals. Better use a couple of artificial ones around your mirror. This would look pretty and won’t hit your budget too much. Moreover, the industry went so far, that artificial diamonds are very much indistinguishable, and they will look just as good. And finally, thank you for reading and good luck..

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