Outdoor Column Light Fixtures: Safety and Design Your Patio

There’s only one chance to make first impression, it stands for the looks of your garden as much as for your own appearance. One simple way to make it better if you have guests visiting in the evening – is to install some outdoor lights.

One of the modern possibilities are column light fixtures which can have multiple purposes. They can be used for:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Decoration.

Safety First

Whatever you think is important to be seen in the darkness of your patio can be easily highlighted with some small column fixtures. The areas you might want to be visible include the path to the entrance door, the drive in and any water areas you might have (pool or pond).

This can be achieved by adding some contemporary design lights, simple, functional and easy to get. Just remember – looks matter, so choose something which, while fulfilling your aim, won’t destroy the whole design of your garden.

Security matters

It’s obvious that well-lit outdoors would scare the burglars away. For this matter you don’t really need large amount of column fixtures, just good bright ones in strategical places will do.

Design your Patio

The possibilities of creating a unique atmosphere with outdoor lighting are innumerable and keep mounting every day. The posts for the lights are now coming in different materials, from aluminum to stone, from stainless steel to brick. The choice is yours! Even creating your Christmas decoration, you can use colored lamps, red and white, for example, to spice up the traditional look.

For the type of light, the basic choices are:

  • Low-voltage
  • Led.

The choice between them is mostly in favor of LED. It’s more environmental friendly, lets you save up to 75% more energy and the life of the lamp can last up to 15 years. The main advantage of the low-voltage light is that it’s quite cheap, sometimes you can find those ones being on sale with the big discount.

Also, solar power is getting more popular every day, being eco-responsible and can be used for both Led or 12-volt lights.

Warning! With solar power only you’ll have your garden lit exactly as much as you have sunny days. So if you live in London – think twice.

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