Cheap Outdoor Party Lights — Ideas for Creating Homemade Lighting

During summer, many people move to cottages. After waiting for the sunlight and warm weather for the whole year, they try to spend as much time as possible on a fresh air in a summer time and outdoor parties are one of the ways. Quite often, these parties last up until the morning, so that lighting garden where the party is held, becomes a vital issue. Mostly, garden lighting is limited by lamps, standing on the table and some lanterns by the entrance.

Otherwise, you should be ready for huge expenses. It is no secret how much beautiful backyard lights and lamps cost in supermarkets. You can find more or less available lamps in several online stores; however, usually they do not vary a lot. In this article, we want to share with you a few ideas for creating a beautiful lighting in the garden by your own hands using cheap bulbs and garlands.

Creating Homemade Lighting Ball

Create cute balls made by thread, string or white clothesline. Inflate small balls, wrap the rope around them, smeared with white glue, remove the ball after the glue has dried. Put wire with a light bulb in and beautiful handmade lampshades are ready.

Creating Homemade Lighting by Candles

Candles are not a great source of light but they have a special charm of a romantic atmosphere. Here is the way to make lanterns from candles:

1. Take a rope and glass jars.
2. Sprinkle some sand or pebbles on the bottom of the jar — in this case it will be easier to change the candles.

Be careful with candle lantern, as careless use of candles can lead to a fire or unexpected occasions.


Beautiful lighting at the summer cottage is an integral part of the rest and comfort. Take these advices in creating a romantic atmosphere in the garden or on the porch and make your party bright and unforgettable.

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