Gooseneck Outdoor Lighting: Types and Its Benefits

One of the amazingly simple design lamps to use for your outdoors Is a gooseneck light. This popular light fixture is extremely wide spread. Available in many designs: bronze, galvanized, black, white or any color you’d like it can easily be bought almost anywhere.

Attention! To conserve energy and stay eco-friendly use the LED bulbs for your outdoors

The gooseneck idea is quite primitive – it’s an old-fashioned lamp which is attached to a flexible, adjustable “neck” to stand out of the wall. In the beginning of the 20th century it was largely used for lighting of the barns or depots. Later on it was used mainly for commercial or restaurants lighting, to make the ads or any other signage visible. And now you can use this kind of fixture to bring a good vintage quality to your interior or exterior.

With its specified shape, the gooseneck can be used to:

  • highlight special features;
  • spread overall light;
  • serve as spotlight.

Lately it’s very trendy mixing up some old-school objects with modern hipster ideas, so if you’d like to spice up your design with some vintage signs or banners, indoors or outdoors, know that the goosenecks are perfect to make your stands noticed. Choose those old-fashion fixtures to bring more authenticity to your creation and you easily have a stylish piece of decoration on your lawn.

Placed high enough on the wall on the terrace, the gooseneck lamp can give enough light for a warm intimate atmosphere. Without shining to much in your eyes, the soft light will produce gentle shadow and bring candle-like romance to every evening.

Some of this kind of fixtures also come with an adjustable flexible arm. If you choose one of those, you can use for your lamp in multiple ways. If you direct it towards you or the object you would like to be noticed, you can have good light to read your book on the porch or to illuminate strategically placed art object. So in this case your lamp will basically serve as a spotlight. But, directed towards the ceiling the same fixture will produce soft overall light for a “welcome home” feeling.

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