Outdoor Lighting for Parking Lots: Types and Its Benefits

The lighting for the parking lot is not really about the style or design. Well-lit area is easily providing more safety for the cars parked in it as the trespassers are clearly seen and can be noticed from far away. So, the lighting of the commercial parking lot should be organized to bring as much sense of security to the car owners as possible.

The typical fixture for area-lighting is a tall pole shielded floodlight, which, while providing great luminosity does not create the glare, which could help the possible thieves to hide. If Installed properly, they bring a stable uniformed lighting to all of the parking lot, keeping an even level of light through the whole area.

The important question for the big lighting system like this is the amount of energy it consumes. The classic approach is to use the high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting technology, but it has absolutely no energy-saving controls and, if this is what you choose, at least opt for fluorescent lamps, which produce high output while being low wattage.

The modern light-emitting diode (LED) can help you to reduce the power consumption on 40%, which will have nice effect on the bills and also add a benefit of the long life for your lights. And one of the options for powering your LEDs is to use solar power. The pluses are great:

  • avoiding the repairs of underground electrical system;
  • no electric bills;
  • environment friendly technology.
Attention! Installation of totally new power system is expensive, so if lower bills is all you’re seeking – that’s not the best option.

One thing you’ll absolutely need when organizing the smart parking lighting system is the embedded motion sensors, which will send the signal to switch on the cameras at any movement. With the new technologies the videos from multiple CCTV cameras can be transferred anywhere, even to your personal smartphone, but if we talk a big area maybe better leave the task of monitoring to the security professionals.

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