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If you have lately rented or purchased a new home, or just wanted to change it’s interior, then you need to design it first. Whether you are a good designer and have a load of ideas appearing in your head, or possibly someone who just wants everything around them look nice, you still need to know something about design. Something that gives it most of the charm. And that is lighting.


Creating a high-tech-styled interior? You need “sterile-white” lights. Casual design? Choose something darker, something more “cozy”, let’s say. Vintage? Well, we are going to talk about it right now. Though our subject goes only over bathroom design.

We advice you to research a bit more on the topic of possible designs. What this means, is that you better ensure you have made a right choice. It is much easier to create a new design, than to remake it into another one because you weren’t sure about it in the first place.

What Should You Start from?

So, you’ve made up your mind and though everything throughout, and finally realized one thing: you definitely want to make your bathroom this vintage-rich style. But what do you start from?


This is a common question. And it is as easy to answer this: start from scratch if you can. Especially when you’ve just moved in into an empty house. When you have an empty. Plain-clean room (probably even with walls covered in building putty and such), it is a whole load simpler.

Designing interiors on-the-run is about drawing something without using an eraser. And we all have to agree – permanently drawing something on a white piece of paper is better, than on something already drawn. Otherwise, all new paintings would be drawn on top of the others, wouldn’t they?

We recommend you: to look at the vintage photos and/or examples of bathrooms. They are self explanatory and are a good way to understand what you require.


Start from the floors (and the walls). In the modern days, the minimalistic style rules the world. The “3 colors per image” rule and etc. But to totally make a vintage design, look at the old photos, approximately from 1890s and the start of 20th century. They had really complicated tile design, considering the today’s world ones. And that is what you want.

To be exact: mostly you can use tiles with small diamond-shaped figures connecting them all on the edges. Now about the lighting. Should you light up the floor? The answer is no, you shouldn’t emphasize on it. It’s the opposite: your floor is just a “dessert” for everything else. Now. When you’ve imagined how this would look and are ready to proceed, prepare for the next step in design. That is, walls.


Beautiful walls are one of the most important things in interior design – the next being furniture. Not only this, but they are something that will catch the lighting you choose – and will definitely direct your visitors’ eye. But mastering the task is pretty hard. At least, it is harder than just flooring everything. What you should now for the fact, is that in vintage times, people wanted to impress each other.

Sophisticated walls with different layers and maybe some golden-colored parts, like different sorts of fixtures, may they be for towels or for something else. Moreover, as a contrary to modern bathroom walls, in the early years no one in their mind used tiles on walls. There were wallpapers.

How would you light up the walls? Simple. And that is the answer. It’s not something you should light with neon-lighting etc. Use simple, old-looking (not old though) lamps. Place them so that everything would look cozy. And you are done. Though remember: vintage bathroom had lights not only on the ceiling, held by possibly a golden sconce, but on the walls. Mostly around the mirror.

Warning! Don’t make your cables go anywhere near most commonly looked-at areas. It will ruin all the “atmosphere” of vintage times.


For the conclusion-part, we will round everything up. So, vintage rooms as a whole: what are they? They are very cozy looking rooms with a yellow-ish color to them. But as cozy and cheap they might look, they also sometimes shine with a bit of gold all around.

Nonetheless, they are the rooms you can see in the old war-time movies, especially the WW1 ones. On this note, we wish you luck with design and thank you for reading.

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