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All lamps have their own forms and unique details. There are square and minimalistic plain white lights, while others are circle and have many details about them. Some even don’t have an exact form, and can be fitted into any design. And as many forms there are, the more actual room styles exist.


Whether it’s minimalistic casual black-and-white design, or a vibrant mess, you still have to decide on what lamps and where you will have to use them. Here you will read everything you need about “vertical” lamps.

What are They?

Vertical lamps are the ones that go, curiously enough, vertically inside your interior. They mostly have a rectangular form, though sometimes represent a half-tube or even a more unique form, perhaps even consist of multiple lights.

They are one of the most popular lamp types right now, which is caused by the popularity of minimalistic and casual designs all over the world. These lamps are “clean” and very unnoticeable, which makes them a great addition to such design. Also, some fixtures even have patterns drawn on them, and that may be a very nice detail in your decor.


Where Should You Place Them?

There are not too many places where the said lamps would look good, mostly those places are all the same from one bathroom to another.

Keep in mind: is that as name states, you want those lamps going vertically and parallel to something, like, let’s say, a mirror. This will create a nice light line going from the bottom of the mirror to it’s top, and would really fit into the perfectionist’s sort of things, aside from actually “discharging” the atmosphere in the room and making it simpler.

Bright examples of locations like this are:

    • As said, by the sides of the mirror. We also suggest to find lamps that are the same height as the mirror itself. And when going for minimalistic style, the mirror should better be borderless.
    • Locating bar lighting on left and right sides by the door would also be a nice idea. Again, as with the mirror, try and find fixtures with the same height as the door or add two/three of the smaller ones.
Warning! This fits a limited amount of designs and in limited circumstances. If you manage to hide the lamps into the wall as much as possible, the results would be very good. But if you don’t, or maybe the light is going to be too bright – you will probably regret the decision.
  • Around other high objects, like showers, vanities, cabinets, windows etc. Again, as stated above – be careful.

When You Shouldn’t Use Them

Though vertical bar lights are a very good and convenient way of lighting up a simple decor, it is a very bad idea to use them with historical/vintage/Victorian etc. designs, as it will look “out of place”.

In these cases, all the things should be more compact and dark, they need to have their place in the room. When you look at a vintage design, you will definitely notice the lamps being very weak and sophisticated. Patterns, golden fixtures and more other “outdated” details.

It also goes for every other thing inside such interior. And now just try to combine bright modern vertical lights with the said above. Doesn’t look good, does it?


Coming to a conclusion, you should once again remember that every bathroom accessory is different from each other. While one fits a single interior, the other ones go good with other decorations.

You probably would almost never find two exactly same interiors, even if you walk into every bathroom on the planet, because every person has their own opinion on what is best for them.

Hence, to fully choose something you like and would like for the rest of that bathrooms life – use your eyes and your brain. Those things always know what do you need. Finally, thank you for reading and good luck with your choice.

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