Outdoor Motion Light with Security Camera — Tips for Home Automation

When you’re planning the design of your landscape lighting there are many things to consider, but possibly one of the most important features is the additional security it can provide to your home. Good news, nowadays you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice the looks for usability. Most of the fixtures can have the sensors built in added to the basic design.

The kinds of the security lights include:

  • flood lights;
  • landscape path lighting;
  • roadway luminaries;
  • surface mounted luminaries;
  • post luminaries.

Though it seems obvious that light in your garden prevents the intruders to target your household, the research says that it’s true only up to a certain point. If the lighting is arranged poorly than it might create glare, that instead of revealing anyone approaching the house might help them stay well-hidden in the strong shade created.
Warning! Unshielded flood lights are the most counter-productive security option.

So, instead of concentrating on providing as much luminosity as possible, better consider some modern additions to the outdoor security system. For example, good idea is to install the motion-activated detectors so the directed spotlight would make visible anything which is moving in its premises.

And, of course, it has the best productivity if paired up with video cameras at the crucial points around your house. Then you can use the DVR (direct video recorder) system, which would allow you to record the video from the multiple cameras to a hard drive or to send the signal directly to the device of your choosing, such as your PC or Smartphone.

And one more detail to add is a time switch, which you can set up to a certain time of the day when you’d like your lighting to be on. And even better option is to pair it up with the photocells which will determine that it’s dark outside independently of the time of the day. Like this you also conserve the energy and are environmental responsible.

Now you can be certain to make your best to protect your property from the trespassers and intruders. Just don’t forget that looks matter, and keep in mind to pay attention that your “useful” lights do not break the harmony of the entire outdoor design.

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