Baby Bedroom Night and Ceiling Lights

The life style of a child is fundamentally different from the «adult» world. It also affects the lighting of the nursery. The baby perceives everything as a means of cognition of the surrounding world, to put it simply as a toy.

Thus when choosing fixtures for a small child you should be guided by the principle that they will become part of the fairy world games. It is important that the game should be safe. We suggest that the chandeliers and ceiling lamps should not only be colorful and original, but in not to cause the baby harm.

Use Subdued Lightening

The main requirement is that general lighting should be diffused and pleasant. More appropriate for a baby’s room are lamps with closed reflectors at night, while to mute bright sunlight you can use shades of light fabrics.

Attention! Subdued lighting in the room of a newborn is important. It is necessary for you to be able to move around the nursery, not putting on the upper bright light while your baby is sleeping.

We recommend using the night light in the shape of kid’s favorite teddy bears, garlands, paper lanterns or luminous constellation of stars on the ceiling which is perfectly suitable to create this kind of lighting. Those things shine with a very dim light, but will be enough to illuminate your path in the baby’s room in the middle of the night.


The fact that the little «host» of the room is a boy, you can emphasize by the traditional boy lightening colors: blue and marine. The combination with white color of the walls is too cold for a baby though.

Tips and Warnings

1. Never place the fixtures directly above the bed on the ceiling or a wall.

2. Caution! Keep all lamps and wire in places that are inaccessible to your baby who will soon become a very curious toddler. Do not put power cords across the room.

3. All the lamps must have a stable base, not to roll over and to always be installed out of the reach of all your children.

4. The light should not be at the eye level and in the area of direct visual contact of your baby. The baby needs to see only indirect ambient light

5. Place all the lighting fixtures away from curtains to prevent fires

Thus, caring for the health of the baby and equipping its life you should not ignore the lighting of the room. For the comfort of a baby it is necessary to consider all the important aspects of lighting design of it room given above.

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