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When imagining a nice bathroom in your house, first thing most people think of are the lights. Why? Well, lights can emphasize or underline important details of the interior. Whether it’s something like a little curve on the wall, or maybe a stylish picture you want everyone to see, lights are important. As important they are, the bigger their variety is.


There are different fixtures, including chandeliers, simple light bulbs, possibly installed inside a fan and others, like wall-mounted lamps. Also, there are lighting strips. But what are they? Let’s talk about that in this article.

Light Strips

Strips of light can be used in many multiple ways. They can be fitted on a wall, maybe even decorate your floor or a ceiling. Perhaps you want to fit them around your mirror, underlining, as an example, shaver-sockets on a wall. Whatever it is you want — lighting strips are a good alternative.

Now, how those strips look, you might ask. The answer depends on the type. They can be static and unmovable, or can be something like you would see on a Christmas-decorated house. They may be animated and colorful, or may just as well have a constant color. This is making your choice simpler — or maybe harder. Depends on what you are looking for.

We recommend you: to maybe draw yourself (or imagine) how everything would look as the final result. This will prevent you from unnecessary purchases.

Methods of Use

The possibilities of decorating your bathroom with light strips are very vast. As stated earlier, you could go as far as decorate the whole ceiling etc.

What addition could be made to that? Well, let’s say you want to have a bathroom in a bit of «dark» tones. That is, no to very little light. It is not a good idea to leave the bath without the light though. And that — is where the light strips come in. Go on and place some around your mirror on the back side — and you have yourself a very stylish and neon-lighted bathroom. It’s good to use vibrant colors, like red or green, and elastic strip.

Want something different? Something more simple? Locate a static one above the mirror, perhaps even something that would turn off and on with a pull of a cord. It’s all in your mind — visualize it.

Advice: please, remember that the mirror is the face of your bathroom. It is probably the first thing most people pay attention to when they come in. So it’s your opportunity to impress them.

What You Shouldn’t Do

There are as many opportunities of success, as there are those for failure. As such, let’s go over them.

So, warning, you shouldn’t do the following unless it very much fits your design:

  • Don’t allow any cables to get in the way and attract too much attention. They will probably only make everything worse (unless your interior is actually made in such a way, that having cables would be even nicer).
  • If it is possible, connect the lights to your main electrical system. It would be much better if there were no power cables connected to your sockets, especially if those are in the open sight.
  • Unless going for something very vibrant and colorful, don’t use too many colors in your design. It would be more than enough to use 3, 4 at maximum. This way the anterior will be calmer and won’t form into an explosion on the paint can factory.


In the end, if you want to use the light strips for your bath, you can be sure — this is one of the best methods of lighting. Many of them are even waterproof, which eliminates at least one worry for you. They are not too expensive — though it depends on the quality, rarity and size. And also it is one of those components that you will find in most of modern bathroom interiors. They allow your interior to be minimalistic.

From negative sides, we will note the complexity of use. Though you can always refit them, installing them in the correct place and generating correct lighting effect takes imagination and some persistence. So, good luck with everything, and thank you for reading.

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