Directional Outdoor Lighting: Design Solutions and Technical Features

Defining directional lighting is rather simple – in this category fall those fixtures whose light travels in certain direction. So, instead of providing wide angle overall illumination, it lets to highlight a specific feature or an object you’d like to be noticed.

There’re plenty of different places the spotlights can be installed:

  • ceiling
  • wall
  • trees
  • strings and wires.

Possible Design Solutions

One of the kind of fixtures you could use for your veranda is a ceiling-fan with integrated spotlight. Fan will cool you down on a hot summer day and a lamp will make a perfect bright spot for reading on the terrace.

To create some lightened spots on the terrace wall lights can be used too, while giving more strong light, than the general lamp, wall fixture can be directed towards you, if you need to, or be blocked by some object to highlight (for example cute a flower pot) which will also create a candle-like impression and coziness.

Technical Features

The garden spotlights can be fulfilling double-function and together with creating an atmosphere might scare-off intruders if they have a motion-sensor built in. So if you’re interested in security as much as in landscape design – think about it.

Attention! If the lights are too bright, the shadow created can be very favorable for hiding trespassers. Better opt for the low-intensity LED lamps.

Another technology which can be installed is a light timer. It’s a simple device which you can use to set up, for example, a precise hour you would like your outdoor illumination to switch on automatically every day, even if you’re not at home. Even more high-tech possibility is to install light sensors, which will start the lighting scheme when it’s dark enough not depending on the actual time.

Couple of the companies manufacturing the outdoor lights for the time long enough to be trustworthy are the Wesinghouse Electric and Portfolio, on their web-sites there’s plenty of choice for creation of your own lighting-scheme.
But going for the latest trends always keep in mind the impression you aim to achieve and don’t mix the styles too much to get kitsch instead of vintage or modern.

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