Bathroom Floor Lighting: Amazing Design Ideas and Pictures


It is right as rain, that every room always has 3 things:

  • floor;
  • walls;
  • a ceiling.

It can be a kitchen, a dining room or a bedroom, and even the toilet. And to make those things look impressive, and not like a dark cave, you (or the designer) have to improvise. Adding tiny details, choosing wallpapers, flooring, and lighting everything up.

Below you are going to read all the details about the last one — that is, lighting up the floor of your bathroom.

We recommend you: to think about the design for as long as possible — it isn’t something you can replace in a matter of seconds without any pay-offs.

When Should You Light Up the Floor?

Sometimes, more often than usual, you don’t need to underline the floor as it won’t fit many designs. For example, using neon lighting in an antique or vintage style bath, made halfly of wood isn’t a good idea, unless you are going for something like «steam punk» style.

It is not recommended to use floor lighting even in a casual-style room. «Then why should I even bother?!» — you might as well ask. The answer is: when used correctly, in a correct design it will improve upon it. The leveled lighting will illuminate all the possible dark areas around the room.

Advice: to use the floor lighting in combination with other lights.

For example, if you place green neon-like lighting around your mirror, then it won’t hurt to put some neon-like floor lighting of a same color as well. This would mostly happen in a minimalistic design, and the lights would underline those edges in your design.

Light Types

There are many types of flooring lights, but the most common are LED lights, inserted into the floor. The other one, less commonly used, is elastic line of lights.

While the LEDs will look pretty authentic, especially when used in a combination with bright caramel colored wooden floor, the second variant is much harder to successfully lay down. But it will show all your vanity — and with a vibrant color.

How Would You Use it?

Don’t place levels upon levels of lights, especially if dealing with elastic floor lighting. More doesn’t mean better here. Place those lights or a whole strip of them only where necessary, and you will create a contemporary and minimalistic design.

For example, your room ends up being very «even». Everything is symmetrical and has straight lines and corners everywhere. And you are left with a perfect square on the floor. A nice idea would be to, obviously, locate 4 or more lights on the corners and edges, to «finalize» your room’s perfection.

Another great example is when you have very dim lights, and not bright enough room. Adding some floor lamps will light everything up and probably won’t look too bad. There are many other variants and ideas, and the best way to collect them is by looking at multiple bathroom photos.


Finally, if you still don’t know what should you do — just be creative. See what your bathroom has to offer — and if this «offer» looks nice — improve it, by, as an example, the said floor lighting. The last decision is after you any way.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about water hitting the lamps when designing — they are obviously waterproof, and won’t short circuit unless the lamp’s case is broken. Lastly, thank you for reading and good luck with creating your own perfect design.

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