Outdoor Walkway Lighting: Gorgeuos Ideas and Decorating Tips

Why Would you Need to Illuminate the Walkway

There are three main reasons for lighting a walkway up:

  • Safety – when you need to go somewhere, you want this place to be well lit so that you didn’t go astray or stumbled across something and fell down;
  • Security – burglars can be deterred by a good lighting, which is especially important when it comes to your own home;
  • Design – when darkness comes, no one can see your stylish window frames, sills, roof slope and any decorations whatsoever, unless you illuminate them. This is also fair for the walkover: no light – no walkover in the night.

Is that Difficult to Light up the Walkway?

The answer is: no. It’s neither expensive nor hard. There’s a wide range of cheap fixtures that can be set up by any person without help of a professional electrician.

What Fixtures to Install and How

Here’re a few ideas to make your walkway both practical and welcoming. First of all, prefer staggered fixtures over parallel ones, since it’ll help to avoid a runway look. Besides, remember that when the light source is out, it’s deep-dyed “mauvais ton”. According all unwritten rules, sources of light should always be concealed within fixtures. Among those fixtures, that fit the rule, you can choose one of these:

  • ground-hugging bollard lights;
  • mushroom lights;
  • shaded tier lights;
  • stake lights — this option is especially convenient, because thanks to the stakes, you can drive your fixture into the ground with considerable ease. You’d better buy those with canopies, directing light downward and hiding bulbs;
  • lights, recessed into the very walkway — this is a good solution for those who wouldn’t like to bother about trimming grass around the fixtures;
  • floodlights on trees, lighting downwards – be careful with this option, the amount of light a floodlight can give may turn your walkway into a Christmas tree.

As for other handy features, pay attention to fixtures with in-built photocells, which are irreplaceable for all outdoor fixtures in general, and proximity sensors, switching light on and off automatically.

The Gear you Need

  • Fixtures (surprisingly);
  • Transformer – reducing voltage to 12;
  • Easy-lock connectors;
  • Low-voltage power cable — relays electricity from transformer to fixtures.

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