Artificial Lighted Outdoor Palm Trees: Decorating Tips and Secrets

You don’t know how to make your garden look unique? Light up palm tree is one of the most popular methods of landscape design. It both brings you aesthetic pleasure and allows you to illuminate the garden area at night time. There are different lighting techniques which can be used for lighting the palms in your garden: lamps and spotlights placed on the ground, fixed led lights on the trunk or on the leaves or you can just put the led lights on the palm tree in the way you like and connect the electricity. These lights can be very cute string or rope lights.

Depending on the result you want from the tree lighting, you may choose different methods of illumination. But to have the outside glowing palms looking nice, you should follow a few basic rules:

  • the floodlight is better to be placed on the ground at some distance from the palm tree at a slight angel;
  • you can use few projectors with different types of lighting at the same time: halogen and led;
  • if your palm is not too high, you’d better have lamps screwed in the ground, which also can be moved from place to place;
  • fixtures can be mounted on a palm tree, directing the light up (it will let the light dissipate);
  • for the top illumination halogen or led lamps mounted on the nearby buildings are typically used.
Recommendation: don’t go too far in lighting the garden, or else it will look like an amusement park.

If you don’t want to spend time on decorating the palm tree yourself or you don’t have a live palm tree but you’re planning an exotic party in the open air, it’s not a problem. You can buy an artificial one. Just go to the Home Depot or Lowes where there is a variety of beautiful lighted trees or make it with your hands. Led tree is a structure of metal post which is a trunk, leaves and sometimes fruits (coconuts).

This kind of a led tree lighting has so many advantages, which include

  • Сost effectiveness;
  • Long service life;
  • Resistance to different temperatures (but be careful with too low and too high temperatures);
  • Safety (attention: thought it has a high class of protection and a low level of flammability, check the wires);
  • Easy mounting and connection.

Led palm trees are perfect solutions for both indoor and outdoor area. For example, a palm tree table lamp or high light up palms on the territory of entertainment centers, restaurant or bars terrace look very unusual, individual and extraordinary. At day they imitate real trees, and at night, it lights up the fairy lights attracting attention of people and creating a special atmosphere.

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